I owe my practice to Hannah and her classes. I have had the pleasure of practicing consistently with Hannah in the studio and one on one and can honestly say it has changed my life. Her sequencing keeps me on my toes so I’m kept in the present, her music calms when appropriate and makes me want to boogie when appropriate. To put it simply Hannah strikes a wonderful balance on and off the mat of challenging you mentally and physically while providing a safe and fun place to smile through the hard stuff
— Amaya, New York, NY

Hannah is a joy of a human both in and out of the yoga room. Her dedication to her own practice shines through in everything she does. Her classes are intelligently crafted, well executed, and most importantly, fun!
— Emily, Savannah, GA

Hannah has such a devotion to the well-being of her students, friends, and family and this reflects greatly in her yoga class. She guides the class with precision, nurturing the beginners yet challenging the advanced students.
— Nina, Atlanta, GA

Hannah is a grounded, down to earth yoga teacher, focused on alignment and kindness. It was because of Hannah’s teaching style that I got hooked at my current yoga studio in 2015. My old yoga studio was across town and I was newer in the area. I was having a hard time finding a local yoga place, until I went to Hannah’s class one Saturday morning. I connected to her clear direction (she knows her stuff!!) and lack of expectation for her students to be or do anything other than just: be present and practice.
— Poala, Atlanta, GA