40 Day summer wellness + being CHALLENGE 


When: JULY 9TH to august 17th

Have you been wanting to make a change, but it seems daunting and *lets be honest* quite inconvenient? Us too...

With the guidance of Jocelyn Rose + Hannah Lancaster, we will take care + be aware of the FOODS we eat, the WATER we drink, the THOUGHTS occupying our minds and the PRODUCTS we are applying to our skin.

Here are the details:

Any FOOD detox or even just incorporating mindfulness into your daily habits around food. One option is Whole 30 -This is a 30-day food detox/challenge that will reset your relationship to meal prep and eating in a more healthful way. More details here: *https://whole30.com/

Water Challenge: Minimum of 64oz of water per day **no plastic water bottles, no plastic straws

Daily Mindfulness Minute MEDITATIONS (guided by Jocelyn + Hannah): This will be a way to set our intentions each day, awaken to clarity and focus and connect to the simplicity of our BREATH. We can find MINDFULNESS in our every day actions and interactions. We will be sharing live mindful minute mediations, one minute journal prompts, etc. This is for WHERE EVER you are.

Safe and Clean Skincare Ritual: Tips on choosing SAFE personal care products, why this is important, how to find companies you can trust, and how to be your own ingredient detective.

The Facebook group will also be a wonderful tool to stay inspired, share recipes, tips, and advice with other participants. Content will also be available after the 40 days for you to return to to gather inspiration whenever you would like.

You can choose all or some of the offerings-but make sure you are doing this for YOU. If water and meditation is what you got going, that's a beautiful thing! This is a free offering, so follow the link to join the Facebook group and lets build community in a healthy way!