The Power of Soul Sisters

Have you ever been surrounded by people or a person that makes you think “now these people speak my language?” If you’re like “hell yes”, than you know what I am talking about. If you are like “hmmm, no but sounds nice”, I suggest you drag yourself out of that comfort zone of yours and be on the lookout for them, because there is nothing in life more affirming, supportive, and encouraging than surrounding yourself with people that see you, hold space for you, and give a shit about what you feel, say, and do (outside of their own agenda).

I just returned from a weekend spent with a group just like this. The past year has been spent grappling with my intentions, motives, if I am on the right path, and what the hell that path even looks like. I flipped my life upside down, left my community in Atlanta, and while I have been “doing the work”, my mind has been filled with doubt, insecurities, and searching for what it is I already have. This is the head space I was in as I pulled up to Elohee Retreat Center in N. Georgia for my first Soul Nourish Retreat Women’s Weekend (aptly themed “Spreading Your Wings”). I won’t give away many details or share too much about the process because I think it’s important to go into situations with openness and not a lot of expectations, but what I can tell you, from my personal experience, is that there is a drastic difference in your mental, emotional, and physical state when you choose to surround yourself with people that invite you to “level up” and that is what this weekend reminded me of.

This journey of self-inquiry did not start this weekend, let a lone this year, but has been a decade in the making. I am not unaware of the challenges, frustrations, trust, and openness that comes with the territory, but being a facilitator of holding space for change and transformation makes it hard to always prioritize it for yourself or even notice when it is time to do the damn thing. NEWS FLASH! Your yoga teachers, coaches, life change facilitators all feel the same things as you at times and are not perfect and need time for self-inquiry too. It is a hard balance to find and, although ever evolving, it is still a continuous challenge.

Mandy and Shari, the creators and facilitators of this Soul Nourish Retreat have been long time, dear friends of mine that have always nudged me to show up, challenge my comfort zone, and laugh my way through all the hard shit. After spending the better part of a year feeling doubtful, less than, and a bit unworthy-these ladies gave me what I didn’t even realize I needed-space. They invited me to participate in their Soul Nourish Retreat and to be a student all weekend long. To soak up all the goodness I already have. To learn to trust my gut, to trust that I know myself, and to trust leaning in with my heart, not my head. What a gift to RECEIVE. What power there is in RECEIVING.

My mantra this weekend was “I AM STEADY. I AM WORTH OF TRUSTING MYSELF.” I am not sure which part of the 72 hours spent with 43 women cracking open and showing up for their needs no matter the manner of challenge, discomfort, tears, or heartache rocked me to my core the most, but I do know that there is such an eye opening, heart bursting, world changing power in being surrounded by soul sisters. I am steeping in SO. MUCH. gratitude right now. For the women who did and said and felt hard things this weekend. For the women who facilitate space like this. For my heart that is worthy of trusting and guiding me deeper. For this life that has me smiling and face tilted to the sky, heart open in awe. For being human and GETTING to do this work.

My dear friend reading this, I invite you to dig a little deeper, give yourself permission to find the space, people, work that lights your soul on fire. It is the hardest thing, but also the most worthwhile. If I can be of any service to you on your journey, hold you hand, help you open doors, or anything at all, I am here. I love you and support you, my soul sister.

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