Creating a Mindful Home

A few years back I ended an extremely tumultuous, emotionally draining relationship that had wrecked just about everything I felt about myself and home. I felt at wits end trying to maintain the only thing that I felt I still had SOME, if really any, control over still, and that was my physical space. Years later I have lived in a wonderful apartment with a loving roommate that brought me back to life, found a partner who feels more like home than any house we could ever live in, lived on the road for 6 months sans more than what could fit in a sedan, and back to a little house that I could have only dreamed of 4 years ago. All the while, learning more and more about what it means to have a mindful home and why it is so important to me.

I was brought up in a family that lived for antiquing, thrifting, collecting, and everything meant something more than what meets the eye. Road trips took hours longer as my dad would stop at the quirkiest roadside antique stores to meander through the booths finding all the best treasures. I was taught all the stories and tales that come a long with making a sturdy chair, a beautiful trunk, and what it means to surround yourself with things that serve purpose and have meaning. As an adult, my family spends hours at antique stores, gifting each other our best finds, and sharing this passion through generations. It has been infused into my every move as I have grown and started to fill my own home. My love for home and the space it holds is also important to who I am internally.. As an extremely sociable person, home is the place I come to turn off and refuel my tank. I have A LOT of energy and I am always turning up new ideas, projects, goals, everything-and something I have found to be so cathartic for my mind is having a clean, orderly home that frees up space for me to dream and REST.

So as Spring has arrived and we are all clearing out stale energy in our hearts, minds, and body-don’t forget about your home! It really, truly all starts there.

Here are some of my favorite ways to clear space, create order, and infuse with good energy


Time to go Marie Kondo on your home. I really benefit from seasonal “good will” hauls and giving my closets and my space a face lift by nothing more than GETTING RID OF STUFF! We accumulate so many things and that takes up space not only in our physical home, but in our mind. If something does not get used or is unneccesary (by strict necessity guidelines)-get rid of it. I find this helpful every few months, because maybe I will come across something that I am not willing to let go just yet and will set a boundary with myself and say “next time I come around to this item during my cleansing haul, if I haven’t used it or my love has grown, it’s time to go". When you decide to keep something-how does it store in your home? If it is out and seen, but doesn’t allow you to feel at peace in your home or if it LOOKS like clutter, store it away. I love wickers baskets (really easy to find at a thrift store), trunks, and air tight bags for closets. Things can still be accessible without being on your counter, in the corner, or taking up more space than they need. Below I linked two Marie Kondo books and a set of wicker baskets I love.


Be mindful about what you bring into your home. I remember working in a boutique years ago and this woman decided to purchase this dress and was at the counter and was about to hand me her card and then very gently said “ya know what? Making this purchase right now has me feeling internal discomfort, I don’t need it, but thanks.” Oh my gosh, something so simple had such impact on me. I remember thinking that woman has such discipline and LISTENED TO HERSELF before she swiped that card and went through the rest of her day thinking she shouldn’t have. What a gift to yourself and your well-being. This can be YOU, if it isn’t already! THINK about what you bring into your home-does it serve purpose? deserve space? Fill you with comfort for more than the moment you bought it? Does it align with your lifestyle? Or is it within your budget? Are you fear buying thinking that there will be never be another? There is always another.


What a tiny detail that makes all the difference in the world. First thing in the morning, I light a candle/incense/essential oil diffuser (all depending on my mood). Something about linking scent to moments throughout your day to infuse with the energy you want to feel is super special. Matt and I sleep with a diffuser on every night to fill our space with soothing scents as we sleep, as well as use a sleepytime essential oil roller. I swear it works wonders! This can also be utilized when doing a big clean-put a few drops of your favorite non scent all purpose cleaner on a micro-fiber rag and a drop or two of essential oil. Use this to dust every surface of your house and you will never want to leave! Below I linked my favorite incense, the most intentional, hand poured, and delicious smelling candles, and a great restful essential oil blend.


Even when Matt and I were on the road, living out of our tent or, rarely, a motel, one of the most helpful practices to maintaining perspective was to infuse everything with gratitude. When we would cook dinner-gratitude. When we got to shower-gratitude. When we fell asleep in a warm sleeping bag, or now a soft bed-gratitude. When I get a chill day to lay on the couch and read-gratitude. Garden in the backyard-gratitude. Do laundry-gratitude. Whatever it is that YOU get to do in your home, even if it feels mundane and all part of the daily routine, gratitude will ALWAYS make it enough. It is all about perspective. When we move through our day in our home with disdain, annoyance, or negativity-that sticks. Image your home is a breathing entity of you. What kind of energy do you want to live in?


Obvious last and final touch for me. My plant babies are my favorite thing about my house. Start simple, or even with fake. Whatever it takes. Live greenery not only clears air of toxins, infuses your space with a piece of living nature, but it also lends responsibility and a sense of pride. Sure some plants die and it is a learning curve for sure, but once you find that right spot for your plant and it thrives and looks beautiful in your space-it is a wonderful feeling! Do some research about easy to care for plants that are great for beginners. I love this article! Then assess your space for where there is sun and not throughout the day, and make sure to pick out a pot that “sparks joy”. Give it a go and, AGAIN, fake is a good start as well. Below I linked a faux plant, a beautiful set of pots, and an incredible faux bouquet!

Thanks for reading along and let me know what mindful practices you love to infuse into your space! There really is no place like HOME.

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