My Tried-and-True Clean Makeup Products

This blog post has been sitting un-published for quite some time as I have been sorting through my thoughts around sharing more about my journey with Beautycounter products. Skin health is something I hold very high on my list of priorities and it is important to me to take care of that area of my health. About a year ago I joined the Beautycounter movement by becoming a consultant and it has been a really wonderful addition to my small business, a creative outlet, and a step up in my journey to financial freedom. It also has shown me a lot about myself and the ways in which I hold myself back. I hesitated to share this post, because I, myself, feel triggered by “influencers” selling me a product that they make money on that maybe they do not truly use or even believe in. I feared that I would be lumped into that category, rather than being seen as an authentic consumer of a product that I truly love and from a company that I whole-heartedly believe is doing wonders for the industry. After much deliberation, and this is not the first time I have hit this road block, what I find to be the answer is “get out of your own head and just be authentic. That is the best you can do.” That has been my answer time and time again. To just stand by what I believe and why I believe it.

So alas, I am here to share with you some of the products in my makeup bag that have been a life saver in my safer products journey.


Dew Skin Moisturizing Coverage-That little silver bottle has been my most recent purchase for my makeup bag. For a while I have been using the Tint Skin Foundation (which is also amazing and a bit more coverage), but found that during the winter months my skin was needing more moisture and was responding better to lighter creams. The Dew Skin is a perfect amount of coverage, has a little SPF, and allows the rest of my makeup to go on smoothly without drying out my skin. It also has Vit. C, black currant, and peony flower root extract meant to brighten the skin. I use No. 2 in Dew Skin and Sand in Tint Skin.

Color Define Brow Pencil- I love shading in my eyebrows! I find that when I am in a rush, this pencil and my mascara is perfect to make me feel a bit more put together. I use the medium color.

Precision Liquid Eyeliner- Trying liquid eye liner has been my most recent endeavor in my makeup routine. I really only use it when I am going out for something fancier or feel like I have the time to mess with it. Something, also, about applying thick liquid to my eyes always scared me a little, especially with all the chemicals involved. Beautycounter tests their ingredients three times each for safety standards and is free of any harmful ingredients that may be found in other products. This allowed me move past my fear and try something a little different.

Velvet Eyeshadow Palette in Romantic- I LOVE this color palette! Again, I rarely use eye shadow, but when I am wanting a little extra pop I love having a safer product on hand. These colors stay on super well and blend beautifully together. I also love the options to stay light and romantic or more edgy while still being soft.

Lengthening Mascara- So, I have recently switched to the Volumizing Mascara, which honestly I like more than the lengthening. One thing that I do prefer the lengthening for is that the brush is thin and rarely clumps with product. I can’t say the same about the volumizing one, but I still love the pop it gives my eyes. I never have flaking under my eyes or on my cheeks with either product though. Big plus!

Touchup Skin Concealer Pen- I love this product! Definitely one of the products that I would MOST definitely still use even if I weren’t a consultant. The click pen is aspect of this product ensures that you are never wasting the concealer or applying too much and it makes the application super easy. I use the Light color.

Color Pinch Cream Blusher- Also a super favorite of mine, this cream blush goes A LONG way and applies really smooth. I use the hibiscus color and barely use any each time I apply it. I love the dewy look it gives my cheeks.

Matte Bronzer- This product has been revamped to be way better than the version I have. Honestly, if I were to purchase again, I would do the cream bronzer, but the Radiant All Over Bronzer seems to fill in the gaps I felt were missing in this matte version. This powder one is great, but I rarely use it due it maybe being too dark, but also just too matte for my complexion. I have friends who LOVE it, but I could take it or leave it. I am looking forward to trying the cream bronzer though. I use the No. 1 color in this product.

Illuminating Cream Highlighter- Okay, this is also up there with the Color Pinch Cream Blusher. I love these dewy, cream products that seem to give the perfect pop without being too much of anything. I use the Pearl Glow color on the high parts of my cheeks, inner creases of eyes, down the spine of my nose, right above my upper lip, and the indent on my chin. I love the way it carries light around the areas of your face, without feeling TOO contour-y.

So that covers everything that I typically use in my makeup routine, as well as a few extras that I have for when I am feeling fancy. I have used a lot of other all natural, vegan, safe, clean, green makeup products that I love, but truth be told, I just LOVE the high performance and range of products that Beautycounter offers. I have spent a lot of time and energy researching and digging into what it means to clean up your ingredients and what companies are doing specifically to get better and safer products on the market for us. I will also being posting more in depth about that research and compiling lists of my favorite companies, but Beautycounter is high on my list of companies to trust and support. If you care to look deeper into their advocacy work, ingredients standards, etc. you can browse their website here or feel free to comment or reach out to me with questions, concerns, or if you need recommendations. There is also a promotion (free gift!) going on at the moment in case you are wanting to revamp your make up, more info on that here.

Thanks for giving this a read and for always supporting me in my growth, research, endeavors, and everything in between.

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