Some of the Top Benefits to Taking a Social Media Cleanse

  1. I have way more time during the day than I was ever aware of. If you know me at all, you know my favorite game is “how many things can I get done in a day?!". This doesn’t always lead to a well balanced use of energy and I burn out quickly, but giving myself ample time throughout the day, while not being distracted by social media apps, has allowed me to better balance this energy while still being productive.

  2. There is not one ounce of me (or anyone for that matter) that NEEDS social media to stay relevant, connected, etc. I was able to really chose where my energy was going, not getting caught up on consumerism, comparison, and unhealthy amounts of thinking “what I am doing is not enough”. We are each in control of how we respond to stimulus and what we fill our reality with.

  3. Again, it is not NECESSARY to be connected on social media to stay in touch with loved ones and friends. It is a wonderful tool to do that, but notice if you spend more time catching up with people on their highlight reel, rather than in real time conversation. We all like to think we don’t have enough time in the day to catch up (see number 1), but that just isn’t true. If we were more honest about where our energy was going and how we spend it, we may choose to have more genuine conversations with loved ones that are not full of preconceived ideas of what they may want you think they are feeling or have been up to based on their public social media pages. We are humans and it is NECESSARY for us to connect in real time. (More science on that coming soon)

  4. It is not NECESSARY to be “social media relevant” to have a healthy business. If you are fueling your business solely through little squares on the internet, that is not a very viable business model. I always felt that having social media accounts were a necessary part of being a yoga teacher/having a small business/etc. While it IS free advertising, it is not healthy to use it only as such. Re-evaluate your WHY and HOW so that it aligns with what you want to share, not what you feel you have to project/consume.

  5. You are exactly where you need to be, with everything you need to be here. Always. Stop with the stories that arise with social media platforms, about yourself, your life, and that of others. Just keep on keeping on. We are human and it is a beautiful thing.

Hannah LancasterComment