A Blog Post: The First of Many

Welcome, dear ones, to my BLOG!

I am so beyond THRILLED to finally have a space to share my passions with you! This has been a LONG time coming-dare I say 5 years sitting unpublished on my computer. ha! The mind has a funny way of letting us know when it is time to step out of our comfort zone and this year must be it. Or maybe, I have grown enough to know that there is nothing to lose in sharing my thoughts and ideas with the world. 

Whatever it is, I am deep in peeling back my layers and making my discomforts my new BFFs. So welcome to my little corner of inspiration and ideas around what it means to be well.

Truly-holistically-full of passion-teetering the fine line of balance-wellness.


I have so much to share with you and so many things I want to know more about and learn with you in the process, but first-HOW CAN I HELP YOU? What do you want to know more about and see more of? This is YOUR community, a space to share in all the wonderful motions life takes us and ways we stay aligned with our path. 

Stay tuned for future posts ranging from interviews, meditation videos, thoughts, ideas, the works! I can not wait to share more with you.