Top 5 Benefits I Have Felt Since Becoming Vegan

It has been about two weeks since I have gone fully plant based. I want to be candid with my transition and in my journey, in hopes to possibly inspire you to re-examine your food mindset and the drive behind what you fuel your experience with.

For years, I would say, there is no way I could ever go VEGAN. “I love cheese too much” “What about yogurt?” “I eat eggs all the time” So many reasons I could never do what I am doing now. Funny thing is, it has been better, easier, more eye opening choice than I could possibly have imagined. To all my vegan friends who have side eyed me with smile during our conversations, or quietly just allowed me my own path, I have an immense amount of gratitude to you for never pushing. BUT I wish I would have truly known the benefits for myself years ago! Of course, I was told, but that’s how it works though, we never truly understand anything until we’ve been there ourselves. Every person has different reactions to what we put in our body, and your experience may look and feel different, but I can only speak on mine and I have a few things to share with you. These are the 5 things that have changed the most that I wish I knew before, because I would have made this decision MUCH sooner had I realized how true the benefits were.

The Top 5 Things that have Truly Changed for the Better Since Becoming Vegan

Clarity and Energy Level

This is the first and best thing, because I didn’t even realize it would be so substantial! The saying “bright eyed and bushy tailed” has never felt more fitting. I have much more clarity in my feelings, emotions, reactions, responses, and overall life. There has been a shift in the energy and thought I put towards food. Almost like it is not as frantic. You would think, if I limit the things I eat, I will have to stress all the time about what I can’t eat and finding things I can. BUT, I can not stress this enough, I feel SO MUCH MORE PEACE without all the ridiculous options. Whole foods, that’s what I eat. Things from the Earth that make really amazing combinations of textures, tastes, and smells when concocted in such a way. All of this energy that I was putting towards food has in turn become energy towards my LIFE. I feel much more content in my daily actions, what I am building, and my energy levels are through the roof. I have also eliminated coffee, which is probably a huge factor in my energy level spikes, but I no longer have a mid day lull and I feel inspired to move through my days without thinking about when I get to stop. Give Michael Perrine a listen on his podcast (Everyday Detox) or insta-story highlights on his instagram (@everdaydetox) or here to hear more information on the clarity and energy benefits of being plant based.

Enhanced Taste Buds

So this is for real, and also a huge light bulb moment for me. Since eliminating animal fats, gluten, dairy, and a lot of sugar from my diet, I can taste EVERYTHING. I have had REALLY bad allergies my whole life. Constant sneezing, sniffly nose, and major nasal inflammation. I learned to live with it, because I didn’t realize the full effect of having a plant based diet would have on my breathing and nasal passage. THIS effects your taste. Everything about my face feels more open. Under my eyes and across my cheekbones don’t feel swollen or inflamed. My sneezing and sniffly nose has gone down SIGNIFICANTLY. AND my taste buds are out of the world. I mean, it is a big enough difference that it was all I talked about for a full meal earlier this week when I noticed and pretty much every meal since.

Feeling Lighter

This is not to mean lighter, as in weight, although I am sure my weight will decrease without all the extra snacking, but just lighter all around. Bloating has gone down a significant amount, and I feel like I move better. My muscles don’t feel as tight and sluggish as they did prior to this transition, and my body doesn’t feel that mid day slump as physically as before. From some of the research I have done, this can be due to eliminating dairy from my diet. The microbiome of my gut is much happier and I tend to not feel the lethargic after effects of a huge meal.

Creativity and Curiosity in the Kitchen

My passion for food and working the kitchen has always run deep. I find a certain sense of calm in the kitchen that I haven’t been able to master elsewhere. Cooking takes presence, an innate connection with what you are doing, and I have found that buying and cooking plant based has enhanced that creativity and curiosity ten fold. Not only am I present in the method of preparing and cooking (timing and attention are key!), but also where my food is sourced. I love eating a meal that I have prepared and know that “oh my gosh I can not believe the Earth made this! THIS IS PLANTS!” There is a miraculous sense of awe that surrounds a meal, and in turn, the way you begin the view the world around you.

Glowing Complexion

I believe this comes from a combination of everything-less inflammation, more water, better sleep, more mindfulness around routine. But, hell, if you don’t make a choice for one reason and benefit from it in a whole slew of ways! My skin feels amazing! I definitely lend some of the praise to Beautycounter for the clean, non toxic skincare and make up regimen I am obsessed with, but also, diet is a huge factor. Here are a couple quotes from this article: “The rates of hor­monal acne I see have gone up so much,” says Miami dermatologist S. Manjula Jegasothy. “It’s all coming from the hormones that the animals we eat are being fed or injected with.” “For a lactating cow to give its baby what it needs to grow, that milk is going to be very high in hormones,” says Jegasothy. Dermatologist William Danby even called cow’s milk “nature’s perfect food for the creation of acne.”

All in all, I am hooked. It has been such an empowering process and I can’t wait to share more-even the things that have been somewhat frustrating, how people have responded, and ways in which to make the transition, or at least educate yourself.

What are some questions you may have about the process, transition, food alternatives, misconceptions, etc?

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