Time to hold your nose, close your eyes, & leap-but after you take the plunge, when you come up for air-you will float along on your back, sun on your skin, looking up at the beauty all around. It was there before, you just couldn’t see it from where you were.

Hi dear one,

I am glad you have found your way to my little corner of the internet.

I am Hannah and I am so thrilled to share my passion with you.

Years ago (about 10 to be exact), I found myself in my first organized yoga class at my high school.  As a long time athlete, my body was wrecked. I had tendonitis in my ankles, an overworked shoulder, and my weight was constantly fluctuating due to injury and lack of nutritional knowledge. Alas, yoga came to my aid. All the aggressive training, regimented workouts, and lack of body confidence was pushed aside for movement that felt nurturing, challenging, and safe in my body. I finally felt at home, in myself. 

My journey has led me to receive my Bachelor of Science in Public Health with a focus in Health Program Planning, as well as over 500 hours of yoga and meditation teaching certifications. My passion lies in sharing the thoughts and actions that create holistic wellness within our experience, and ultimately lead us back to true selves. When we can awaken to what it means to be well-to  holistically live in our truest self-there is no turning back. 

As humans, we lack control of many things, but what we can control is where we put our energy.

Wellness is built from that energy and how we utilize, balance, and integrate it. I believe that TRUE HOLISTIC wellness is rooted in these five practices:


If we practice these traits in the way we speak, act, and think, we can find balance and wellness in our experience.

I offer one on one or group yoga classes, self-care ritual and clean beauty consultations geared towards your highest needs and where your truth lies. In my classes I will integrate thoughtful alignment with fluid and conscious movement that allows you to steep in the goodness your practice has to offer at that moment.  I focus on the importance of a strong foundation to build quality from your roots and getting to know yourself through humor, movement, energy, and breath. I strive to create a space where you feel safe and adventurous  while aiding you in digging deeper, showing up, and reconnecting with your truest self. Expect encouragement, giggles, and a wide open heart.